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Questions for dedicated parents like you….

Do you plan to send your child to Chinese Primary School (SJKC) ?
Do you know that a lot of SJKC students dislike Mandarin as they found Mandarin is difficult to learn and write?
Do you know that a lot of SJKC students NOT perform good in their school exams due to not able to understand questions asked in Mandarin?
Do you know Primary School Mandarin syllabus nowadays are much more difficult than our time?
Do your children possess good Chinese Language foundation in kindergarten already?


If you still wonder on Necessity to build Good Foundation at Pre-school age?

Try to have a look on latest SJKC Primary 1 KSSR MANDARIN TEXT BOOK…


Do You Aware That Mandarin Word Is Much Difficult To Be Learned Than English Or Malay?

Take a look on below 3 characters ……

Even though the shape look similar, but with the “dot” stroke which place at different position, the sound are totally different ! And we do not have “phonetic” or “sukukata” like English or Malay….. SO, TRY TO START EARLY FOR YOUR CHILD SO THAT THEY CAN MASTER MANDARIN EASIER & RELAXABLE !

Individual Progress Methods

Recognition of 1229 Chinese Characters (Foundations words of SJKC Primary School)
Learn structure of sentences by reading storybooks & Comprehension Passages
Learn correct strokes sequence when writing Chinese characters
Learn basic grammar exercises of SJKC syllabus

NOTE: Individual Progress Method let children to learn in more relaxing manner by their own progress, and being guided by teacher 1-to-1

And Most Important, we cultivate your child:-

MANDARIN Learning interest

Through Words Games, Art & Crafts, Storytelling and etc

LEFT & RIGHT Brain Stimulation

Through Poetry Recitation and etc


Through Video clips and etc

Video Clip

Video Clip

Art Craft

Art Craft

Reading Performance Video

Age 4 girl reading flashcard

Parents' Testimonials


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